CRC 870

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Sub-cluster A

Project Title Principal Investigators
A03 Fate determinants for neuronal diversity in the adult telencephalon
A04 Behavioral state dependent processing of chemosensory cues in higher brain centers
A05 Mechanisms of target selection during post-injury remodelling of neuronal circuits
A06 Connectivity and function of regenerated neurons in the cerebral cortex
A07 Structural and Functional Plasticity of Individual Synapses in vitro and in vivo
A08 Functional and structural correlates of visual learning in mouse neocortex
A09 The influence of neuronal activity on oligodendrocyte proliferation and differentiation in the adult brain
A10 Ion channel function in axonal conduction
A11 Mechanisms of dynamic polarization of newly-born interneurons
A12 Functional recovery of pretectal visuo-motor relay neurons after injury in zebrafish
A13 Neuronal circuits underlying prodromal gait disturbances of Parkinson’s disease

Sub-cluster B

Project Title Principal Investigators
B01 Excitability of leaky coincidence detector neurons in the auditory brainstem
B02 Fast and precise inhibitory connections in the mammalian sound localization system: the role of axon morphology and myelination patterns for action potential conduction
B05 Regulation of the circadian system by HCN3 channels
B07 Neurogenetic dissection of the visual motion detection circuitry in the fruit fly
B10 Control of thalamocortical activity by HCN channel modulation
B12 Control of Sensory-Motor Transformation by Corollary Activity during Self-Motion
B15 Information flow in a neuronal circuit coding for space
B16 Visual object recognition: Neural coding of prey and predator in the zebrafish optic tectum and its modulation by feeding state
B17 Context-dependent modulation of mechanosensory circuits
B18 Experience-dependent plasticity in auditory cortex in vivo: from spines to local circuits

Sub-cluster Z

Project Title Principal Investigators
Z01 Viral vectors for circuit analysis
Z02 Imaging neuromodulation with fluorescent biosensors improved by large scale functional screening
Z04 Viral Vector Facility