CRC 870

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Sub-cluster A

Project Title Principal Investigators
A03 Fate determinants for neuronal diversity in the adult telencephalon
A04 Value-coding of dopamine neuron populations in olfactory processing
A05 Principles of post-injury remodeling of excitatory and inhibitory locomotor circuits
A06 Connectivity and function of regenerated neurons in the cerebral cortex – from transplantation to direct neuronal reprogramming
A07 Structural synaptic changes and their role in experience-dependent plasticity
A08 Visualizing changes in neuronal connectivity during memory formation in mouse neocortex
A10 Ion channel function in axonal conduction
A11 Determinants and dynamics of cell fate remodelling in the retina
A12 Cellular mechanisms of lesion-induced pretectal visuo-motor plasticity in adult zebrafish
A13 Neuronal circuits underlying prodromal gait disturbances of Parkinson’s disease
A14 Regulation of myelinated axon structure by communication between axons and oligodendrocytes
A15 The in vivo role of RNA-binding proteins in neurogenesis, synapse formation and synaptic plasticity

Sub-cluster B

Project Title Principal Investigators
B01 Computational modelling of the binaural coincidence detector circuit
B02 Mechanisms of absolute and relative timing in circuit processing of auditory space
B05 The role of HCN channels in the septo-hippocampal circuit
B07 Neurogenetic dissection of the visual motion detection circuitry in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster
B10 Control of neuronal circuit activity by HCN channel modulation
B12 Activity-dependent developmental plasticity of gaze-stabilizing reflexes
B16 Visual object recognition: neural substrate of bottom-up attention
B17 Neuronal circuit dynamics of motor systems – how are existing circuits adapted to generate novel behaviors
B18 Circuits underlying sparse population coding in the auditory cortex
B19 Locomotion-dependent neural processing within thalamo-cortico-thalamic circuits

Sub-cluster Z

Project Title Principal Investigators
Z01 Viral vectors for circuit analysis
Z04 Viral Vector Facility