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Sandra Reinert, Mark Hübener, Tobias Bonhoeffer, Pieter M. Goltstein                                                                   Mouse prefrontal cortex represents learned rules for categorization                                                                 Nature volume 593, pages 411–417 (2021)

Üçpunar HK and Grunwald Kadow IC (2021).                                                                                                               Flies avoid current atmospheric CO2 concentrations.                                                                                     Frontiers in Physiology, in press

Boris P Chagnaud et al (2021)                                                                                                                                 Gap junction-mediated glycinergic inhibition ensures precise temporal patterning in vocal behavior.            eLife 2021;10:e59390 doi: 10.7554/eLife.59390

Siju KP, De Backer JF, Grunwald Kadow IC (2021).                                                                                                 Dopamine modulation of sensory processing and adaptive behavior in flies.                                                 Cell and Tissue Research, Special Issue on Olfactory Coding and Circuitries, online Jan 30.


Fendl S, Vieira R, Borst A (2020)                                                                                                                   Conditional protein tagging methods reveal distinct subcellular distribution of ion channels in motion-sensing neurons                                                                                                                                              eLife 9: e62953.

Drews MS, Leonhardt A, Pirogova N, Richter FG, Schuetzenberger A, Braun L, Serbe E, Borst A (2020)                      Dynamic signal compression for robust motion vision in flies                                                                         Curr Biol 30: 209-221.

Schützenberger A, Borst A (2020)                                                                                                                       Seeing natural images through the eye of a fly with remote focusing two-photon microscopy                 iScience 23: 101170.

Borst A, Drews MS, Meier M (2020)                                                                                                                      The neural network behind the eyes of a fly                                                                                                   Curr Opinion in Physiol 16: 1-10.

Mauss A, Borst A (2020)                                                                                                                                    Optic flow-based course control in insects                                                                                                      Curr Opinion in Neurobiol 60: 21-27.

Borst A, Haag J, Mauss A (2020)                                                                                                                           How fly neurons compute the direction of visual motion                                                                               J Comp Physiol A 206: 109-124.

Hennrich AA, Sawatsky B, Santos-Mandujano R, Banda DH, Oberhuber M, Schopf A, Pfaffinger V, Wittwer K, Riedel C, Pfaller CK, Conzelmann K
Safe and effective two-in-one replicon-and-VLP minispike vaccine for COVID-19:
protection of mice after a single immunization.
PLoS Pathogens, accepted

Ponserre M, Peters C, Fermani F, Conzelmann KK, Klein R.
The Insula Cortex Contacts Distinct Output Streams of the Central Amygdala.
J Neurosci. 2020 Nov 11;40(46):8870-8882. doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0567-20.2020. Epub 2020 Oct 13. PMID: 33051345

Loïc Kéver, Eric Parmentier, Andrew H. Bass, Boris P. Chagnaud                                                                       Morphological diversity of acoustic and electric communication systems of mochokid catfish                      JCN,

Granier C, Schwarting J, Fourli E, Laage-Gaupp F, Hennrich AA, Schmalz A, Jacobi A, Wesolowski M, Conzelmann KK, Bareyre FM.
Formation of somatosensory detour circuits mediates functional recovery following dorsal column injury.
Sci Rep. 2020 Jul 2;10(1):10953. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-67866-x. PMID: 32616790 Free PMC article.

Loïc Kéver, Andrew H. Bass, Eric Parmentier, Boris P. Chagnaud                                                                Neuroanatomical and neurophysiological mechanisms of acoustic and weakly electric signaling in synodontid catfish                                                                                                                                            JCN,

Gӧbel J, Engelhardt E, Pelzer P, Sakthivelu V, Jahn HM, Jevtic M, Folz-Donahue K, Kukat C, Schauss A, Frese CK, Giavalisco P, Ghanem A, Conzelmann KK, Motori E, Bergami M.                                                                   Mitochondria-Endoplasmic Reticulum Contacts in Reactive Astrocytes Promote Vascular Remodeling.
Cell Metab. 2020 Apr 7;31(4):791-808.e8. doi: 10.1016/j.cmet.2020.03.005. Epub 2020 Mar 26. PMID: 32220306 Free PMC article.

Özugur S., Kunz L. and Straka H. (2020)                                                                                                     Relationship between oxygen consumption and neuronal activity in a defined neural circuit.                       BMC Biol. *18:* 76. doi: 10.1186/s12915-020-00811-6

Soupiadou P., Gordy C., Forsthofer M., Sanchez-Gonzalez R. and Straka H. (2020)                                                     Acute consequences of a unilateral VIII^th nerve transection on vestibulo-ocular and optokinetic reflexes in /Xenopus laevis/ tadpoles.                                                                                                                                  J. Neurol.*267*(Suppl 1): S62-S75.

Ezhilarasan Rajaram, Sara Pagella, Benedikt Grothe, and Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug                                            Physiological and anatomical development of glycinergic inhibition in the mouse superior paraolivary nucleus following hearing onset                                                                                                                              J. Neurophysiol 124: 471–483, 2020, doi:10.1152/jn.00053.2020.

Woller, A., Bandow, P., Aimon, S., Grunwald Kadow, I.C (2020).                                                                               Preparing Adult Drosophila melanogaster for Whole Brain Imaging during Behavior and Stimuli Responses.                                                                                                                                                                J. Vis. Exp. (), e61876

Johanna M. Kobler, Francisco J. Rodriguez Jimenez, Irina Petcu and Ilona C. Grunwald Kadow (2020).                          Immune receptor signaling and the mushroom body mediate post-ingestion pathogen avoidance.             Current Biology, online Oct 1.

Grunwald Kadow, IC and Gompel N (2020).                                                                                                         Sensory Evolution: Making Sense of the Noni Scent (Dispatch).                                                                Current Biology 30, Issue 12.

K.P. Siju, Vilim Stih, Sophie Aimon, Julijana Gjorgjieva, Ruben Portugues, Ilona C. Grunwald Kadow.                               Valence and state-dependent population coding in dopaminergic neurons in the fly mushroom body (2020).                                                                                                                                                          Current Biology 30(11):2104-2115

Aimon, S and Grunwald Kadow, IC.                                                                                                                   Studying complex brain dynamics using Drosophila (2020).                                                                      Journal of Neurogenetics 34(1):171-177

Fernandes AM, Mearns SD, Donovan JC, Larsch J, Helmbrecht TO, Kölsch Y, Laurell E, Kawakami K, Dal Maschio M, Baier H (2020).                                                                                                                                                    Neuronal circuitry for stimulus selection in the zebrafish visual system.                                                        Neuron

Barker A, Helmbrecht TO, Grob AA, Baier H (2020).                                                                                                Functional, molecular and morphological heterogeneity of superficial interneurons in the larval zebrafish tectum.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Nicola Mattugini, Riccardo Bocchi, Volker Scheuss, Gianluca Luigi Russo, Olof Torper, Chu Lan Lao, Magdalena Götz Inducing Different Neuronal Subtypes from Astrocytes in the Injured Mouse Cerebral Cortex                     PMID: 31488328 PMCID: PMC6859713 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2019.08.009

Riedel C, Hennrich AA, Conzelmann KK.
Components and Architecture of the Rhabdovirus Ribonucleoprotein Complex.
Viruses. 2020 Aug 29;12(9):959. doi: 10.3390/v12090959. PMID: 32872471 Free PMC article.

Spacek, M.A., Born, G., Crombie, D., Bauer, Y., Liu, X., Katzner, S., and Busse, L. (2020).                                          Robust effects of corticothalamic feedback during naturalistic visual stimulation.                                         BioRxiv 776237.

Born, G., Erisken, S., Schneider, F.A., Klein, A., Mobarhan, M.H., Lao, C.L., Spacek, M.A., Einevoll, G.T., and Busse, L. (2020).                                                                                                                                           Corticothalamic feedback sculpts visual spatial integration in mouse thalamus.                                           BioRxiv 2020.05.19.104000.

Dardo N. Ferreiro, Diana Amaro, Daniel Schmidtke, Andrey Sobolev, Paula Gundi, Lucile Belliveau, Anton Sirota, Benedikt Grothe and Michael Pecka                                                                                                                               Sensory Island Task (SIT): A New Behavioral Paradigm to Study Sensory Perception and Neural Processing in Freely Moving Animals                                                                                                                                                                      Front. Behav. Neurosci., 25 September 2020;

Hayn M, Hirschenberger M, Koepke L, Straub JH, Nchioua R, Christensen MH, Klute S, Bozzo CP, Aftab W, Zech F, Conzelmann C, Müller JA, Badarinarayan SS, Stürzel CM, Forne I, Stenger S, Conzelmann K, Münch J, Sauter D, [...] Sparrer KM.
Imperfect innate immune antagonism renders SARS-CoV-2 vulnerable towards IFN-γ and -λ
bioRxiv, 15 Oct 2020

Tang Y, Benusiglio D, Lefevre A, Hilfiger L, Althammer F, Bludau A, Hagiwara D, Baudon A, Darbon P, Schimmer J, Kirchner MK, Roy RK, Wang S, Eliava M, Wagner S, Oberhuber M, Conzelmann KK, Schwarz M, Stern JE, Leng G, Neumann ID, Charlet A, Grinevich V.
Social touch promotes interfemale communication via activation of parvocellular oxytocin neurons.
Nat Neurosci. 2020 Sep;23(9):1125-1137. doi: 10.1038/s41593-020-0674-y. Epub 2020 Jul 27. PMID: 32719563

Gehrlach DA, Weiand C, Gaitanos TN, Cho E, Klein AS, Hennrich AA, Conzelmann KK, Gogolla N.
A whole-brain connectivity map of mouse insular cortex.
Elife. 2020 Sep 17;9:e55585. doi: 10.7554/eLife.55585. PMID: 32940600


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I Gusti Bagus M., Gordy C., Sanchez-Gonzalez R., Strupp M. and Straka H. (2019)                                                  Impact of 4-aminopyridine on vestibulo-ocular reflex performance.                                                                                                                                                   J. Neurol.*266*(Suppl 1): S93-S100.

Katzner, S., Born, G., and Busse, L. (2019)                                                                                                              V1 microcircuits underlying mouse visual behavior.                                                                                        Current Opinion in Neurobiology 58, 191–198.

Hafner G, Witte M, Guy J, Subhashini N, Fenno LE, Ramakrishnan C, Kim YS, Deisseroth K, Callaway EM, Oberhuber M, Conzelmann KK, Staiger JF.
Mapping Brain-Wide Afferent Inputs of Parvalbumin-Expressing GABAergic Neurons in Barrel Cortex Reveals Local and Long-Range Circuit Motifs.
Cell Rep. 2019 Sep 24;28(13):3450-3461.e8. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.08.064. PMID: 31553913 Free PMC article.

Nicola Mattugini, Riccardo Bocchi, Volker Scheuss, Gianluca Luigi Russo, Olof Torper, Chu Lan Lao, Magdalena Götz Inducing Different Neuronal Subtypes from Astrocytes in the Injured Mouse Cerebral Cortex PMID: 31488328                                                                                                                                                         PMCID: PMC6859713 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2019.08.009

Peter M. Bradley, Carmen K. Denecke, Almir Aljovic, Anja Schmalz, Martin Kerschensteiner, and Florence M. Bareyre                                                                                                                                                              Corticospinal circuit remodeling after central nervous system injury is dependent on neuronal activity      JEM: Published Online: 7 August, 2019;

Sercan Sayin, Jean-Francois De Backer, K.P. Siju, Marina E. Wosniack, Laurence P. Lewis, Lisa-Marie Frisch,             Benedikt Gansen, Philipp Schlegel, Amelia Edmondson-Stait, Nadiya Sharifi, Corey B. Fischer, Steven A. Calle-Schuler, J. Scott Lauritzen, Davi D. Bock, Marta Costa, Gregory S.X.E. Jefferis, Julijana Gjorgjieva, and Ilona C. Grunwald Kadow (2019).                                                                                                                                                                   A neural circuit arbitrates between persistence and withdrawal in hungry Drosophila.                               Neuron, 104, 1–15;

Helge Gleiss, Jörg Encke, Andrea Lingner, Todd R Jennings, Sonja Brosel, Lars Kunz, Benedikt Grothe, Michael Pecka                                                                                                                                                                   Cooperative population coding facilitates efficient sound source separability by adaptation to input statistics                                                                                                                                                            PLOS Biology: July 29, 2019,

Hsing-Jung Chen-Engerer, Jana Hartmann, Rosa Maria Karl, Jun Yang, Stefan Feske & Arthur Konnerth                       Two types of functionally distinct Ca2+ stores in hippocampal neurons                                                     Nature Communicationsvolume 10, Article number: 3223 (2019)

Matthew J. Fischl, Margarete A. Ueberfuhr, Markus Drexl, Sara Pagella, James L. Sinclair, Olga Alexandrova
Jan M. Deussing, Conny Kopp‐Scheinpflug                                                                                                       Urocortin 3 signalling in the auditory brainstem aids recovery of hearing after reversible noise‐induced threshold shift                                                                                                                                                    The Journal of Physiology: 04th July 2019, Subscription#: 5177074

Pastor A.M, Calvo P.M, de la Cruz RR, Baker R, Straka H.                                                                                    Discharge properties of morphologically identified vestibular neurons recorded during horizontal eye movements in the goldfish                                                                                                                              Journal of Neurophysiology: May 2019

Ezhilarasan Rajaram, Carina Kaltenbach, Matthew J. Fischl, Leander Mrowka, Olga Alexandrova, Benedikt Grothe, Matthias H. Hennig and Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug                                                                                                     Slow NMDA-Mediated Excitation Accelerates Offset-Response Latencies Generated via a Post-Inhibitory Rebound Mechanism                                                                                                                                        eNeuro 31 May 2019, 6 (3) ENEURO.0106-19.2019; DOI:

Hammelmann V, Stieglitz MS, Hülle H, Le Meur K, Kass J, Brümmer M, Gruner C, Rötzer RD, Fenske S, Hartmann J, Zott B, Lüthi A, Spahn S, Moser M, Isbrandt D, Ludwig A Konnerth A, Wahl-Schott C, Biel M.
Abolishing cAMP sensitivity in HCN2 pacemaker channels induces generalized seizures                                JCI insight: volume 4, issue 9 (May 2, 2019)/126418-INS-RG-RV-3

Nabel, Alisha L.; Callan, Alexander R.; Gleiss, Sarah A.; Kladisios, Nikolaos; Leibold, Christian; Felmy, Felix                    Distinct Distribution Patterns of Potassium Channel Sub-Units in Somato-Dendritic Compartments of Neurons of the Medial Superior Olive                                                                                                                 In: Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, Vol. 13, 38,

Glas A, Hübener M, Bonhoeffer T, Goltstein P
Benchmarking miniaturized microscopy against two-photon calcium imaging using single-cell orientation tuning in mouse visual cortex.  

Linaro D, Vermaercke B, Iwata R, Ramaswamy A, Libé-Philippot B, Boubakar L, Davis BA, Wierda K, Davie K, Poovathingal S, Penttila PA, Bilheu A, De Bruyne L, Gall D, Conzelmann KK, Bonin V, Vanderhaeghen P.
Xenotransplanted Human Cortical Neurons Reveal Species-Specific Development and Functional Integration into Mouse Visual Circuits.
Neuron. 2019 Dec 4;104(5):972-986.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.neuron.2019.10.002. Epub 2019 Nov 21. PMID: 31761708

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Cryo EM structure of the rabies virus ribonucleoprotein complex.
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Aversive state processing in the posterior insular cortex.
Nat Neurosci. 2019 Sep;22(9):1424-1437. doi: 10.1038/s41593-019-0469-1. Epub 2019 Aug 27. PMID: 31455886

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Guanylate-Binding Proteins 2 and 5 Exert Broad Antiviral Activity by Inhibiting Furin-Mediated Processing of Viral Envelope Proteins.
Cell Rep. 2019 May 14;27(7):2092-2104.e10. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.04.063. PMID: 31091448


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