CRC 870

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Ion channel function in axonal conduction

Principal Investigators:

We will investigate how axonal activity is communicated to myelinating oligodendrocytes and test whether newly described KV1-Cx29 composite channels between juxtaparanodal KV1 potassium channels and Cx29 gap-junction channels in the innermost layer of myelin form open pores which would make them prime candidates for sensing activity directly via axon-glia communication. Bidirectional K+ flux will be measured via membrane potential changes of oligodendrocytes in response to axonal stimulation and vice versa via optogenetic depolarization of oligodendrocyte and its effect on axonal conduction. The consequence of lowering the K+ flux by sensory deprivation or genetic knockdown of the composite channel on oligodendrocyte viability and myelination will be studied by histology, MEA and in vivo recording.