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CRC870 Closing Event 2022

30.06.2022 at 01:30 

The closing event will be organized as a half-day event to celebrate more than 12 successful years of CRC870.


Date: Thursday, June 30, 2022

Location: LMU Biocenter, Großhaderner Strasse 2




Registration:    open at 12.30pm

Session 1:        01.30pm-03.30pm (lecture hall B 01.019)

01.30-01.45pm: Benedikt Grothe (CRC870 spokesperson) - Welcoming speech

01.45-02.00pm: Florence Bareye (A05) - Establishing new spinal circuits following spinal cord injury

02.00-02.15pmMichael Pecka (B02) - Novel insights in to the neural mechanisms of auditory spatial processing

02.15-02.30pm: Volker Scheuss (A08) - Direction tuning aligns with connectivity in mouse visual cortex

02.30-02.45pm: Pieter Goltstein (A08) - How the mouse brain learns to represent visual categories

02.45-03.00pm: Mihai Stancu (A10) - Use it or lose it - adaptive myelination in the auditory brainstem

03.00-03.15pm: Leanne Godinho (A11) - Investigating cell fate plasticity in the developing retina

03.15-03.30pm: Wolfgang Wurst (A13) - Dysfunctional Primary Cilia - the starting point of Parkinson´s Disease?


Coffee break & Poster session: 03.30pm-04.00pm (foyer)


Session 2:        04.00pm-05.45pm (lecture hall B 01.019)

04.00-04.15pm: Kenneth Klau (A15) - Radial glia cells follow an alternative way of neurogenesis in Pumilio2                                                            deficient mice

04.15-04.30pm: Magdalena Götz (A06) - How to replace lost neurons 

04.30-04.45pm: Martin Biel (B10) - Cyclic AMP controls thalamic circuit activity via HCN channel modulation

04.45-05.00pm: Maria del Rosario Sanchez-Gonzalez (B12) - The blood brain barrier in the Axolotl brain

05.00-05.15pm: Laura Busse (B19) - Effects of corticothalamic feedback and behavioral state in mouse dLGN

05.15-05.30pm: Karl-Klaus Conzelmann (Z01) - Rabies connections

05.30-05.45pm: Arthur Konnerth (B18) - Thalamo-cortical activation at the single synapse level


Get-together & Barbecue: starting at 06.00pm (small terrace)