CRC 870

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Dr. Jordi Guimera Vilaro

co-PI of A02


A02 until 12/2013

About project A02 (completed 12/2013)

Project title: Development and function of midbrain GABAergic neurons

Principal investigators: Jordi Guimera Vilaro, Wolfgang Wurst

Summary: Guimera and Wurst successfully identified MGN´s major role in the specification of GABAergic neurons of the dorsal midbrain, of the pretectum, and of the subcortical visual shell (SVS) during development. Thus, MGN is a major player in the specification of subpopulations of GABAergic neurons. Still, its role in the physiology of adult GABAergic neurons is far from understood, but could not be addressed in the last funding period due to funding cuts (on the physiology side, project B02). With the current SFB application’s new focus on the identification and physiology of neuronal circuits involved in adult motor function, A13 will address the question of which neuronal circuits in the spinal cord and the brainstem contribute to the impairments of motor function in Parkinson´s Disease, a major neurodegenerative movement disorder.